Alright, boys and girls, let us see your videos and pictures. No, not your personal ones – we want to see how extreme you really are. What makes your adrenaline flow, and the rest of us hold our breath? We want to see something epic.

What We Want
We’re looking for those who are living on the edge of crazy. At Cowboys and Kilos, we defy authority, and instead, we live by our own set of rules. Are you worthy enough to be welcomed into The Family?

A quiet Sunday ride?
F*!* that, show us:

• Your craziest wipeout
• A massive wave you’ve ridden
• A legendary wingsuit free fall
• Your longest wheelie or coolest stoppie
• Skiing down an insane mountain
• Flying off a skate ramp at new heights

Basically, anything you think might impress us, but know this -we’ve already done that and did it better than you, so step up and show us your next level of insane.

What You Get Out of This
Upload your video, link, or a mind-blowing picture for us to show off on our site, and in return, we’ll send you Cowboys and Kilo swag – for FREE.

Wearing our gear is a way of showing your loyalty to the Godfather, the original Cowboy. Send us a picture or video of you wearing Cowboys and Kilos clothing, and we’llautomatically headline you on our site – but don’t get too comfy; you’ll be pushed aside as soon as something better comes along. So let’s see how long you can stay on top.

Where to Send: Email us at and attach your content!Tell us a bit about your attachment (not your life story, just about the clip). If you think it’s good enough, include your name, address, and shirt size so we can send you some cool gear.

We ask again…
Do you want to be a part of The Family?
Are you a Cowboy?

Are you a cowboys & kilos type of badass?! Send us your photos, videos & or badass lifestyle for a chance to get featured on our page!

I query magazines and newspapers with those topics, and I usually find the editors pretty receptive.