They told us about the free world and we believed in them. While they changed our jackets and the air on our faces, for blazers and offices. They sold us false ideas and we fell like sheep off a cliff, they captured us, but… freedom is ours and we are not afraid to live it! Breaking the chains of what they told us was law and order.

What was authority? Something else to break!

From Medellín to Los Angeles, outlaws, mercenaries, libertines and badasses have returned from the darkest parts of the Wild West to storm the city, shattering every idea of reality.
Take control of yourself with Cowboys & Kilos and get the courage to take on the enemy, break the law and morals, ride forever among rebels in style.
We are a brand connected to adrenaline and disobedience in our style.

Move that ass at full speed while rocking fresh quality gear that tells a lifestyle.
We’re a brand connected by adrenalin and disobedience in our style, for the small percentage of those that put it all out there, risking it all, we provide gear to match your ambitions and adrenaline. 

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